February Newsletter

February has been another busy month at Lorne Primary School. Learners have been engaged in a range of activities including storytelling, reading cafes, Pupil Voice groups, collaborative work, Over and Above and gymnastic rolls.


We have also continued to drive forward the school priorities this session, these focus around;

  • Raising attainment in Reading, Writing and Numeracy and Mathematics
  • Supporting all learners
  • Increasing engagement with families


If you would like to discuss anything further, please do come to school to make an appointment.

Susan Leach


Vision and Values

Vision –

Lorne Primary School aims to provide high quality learning and teaching in a safe and nurturing environment, leading to success for all.


Values –







The rules at Lorne are;

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Safe

The rules are easy to remember and contribute to the ethos of the school. We regularly revisit what it means to be Ready, Respectful and Safe in and around school.


Glee Club

The Glee Club are working towards their first Glee competition. There is only a month to go! The children in the club are working hard and practices are going well. We look forward to them sharing their hard work with the school too.


Sumdog Competition

The Mathematics and Numeracy Pupil Voice Group (P4-7), in collaboration with Sumdog, are running a monthly competition. A different aspect of Mathematics and Numeracy forms the focus each month. We have been delighted with the level of participation this month and are looking forward to next months challenge.

Family Numeracy and Maths Workshops

Family support is key to raising attainment in Numeracy and Mathematics. Confident parents and carers are key to promoting Numeracy and Mathematics in daily life. We invite you to join us in a series of drop in workshops over the next block. All workshops will be informally run by school staff and will directly promote the learning happening in our classrooms so that you can support at home.


A leaflet has been shared with families, please consider the workshops that you are interested in and contact the school office. If you require any further information please do come into school to discuss.


Book Week

Book week is next week and we have lots planned;

  • Bedtime Story & Storytelling theme – children will be invited to bring in their favourite bedtime story to read with their buddy, and to come to school on World Book Day (Thursday 5th March) in their PJs/onesies!
  • 2nd Book Bonanza event on Friday afternoon, with greater focus on our older children
  • Mystery Readers
  • Blackwells Pop Up Book Shop
  • Book Swap
  • Guess the Teachers’ Favourite Book
  • Introducing children to a variety of different genres and authors through rotations within levels
  • Author workshops


Thank You to the Parent Council

As you know, the classrooms have all been decorated this school session. The walls have been painted the flooring replaced and new lighting installed. The classrooms, through the refurbishment, needed some soft furnishing to reduce the echo in the classrooms and to give a space for the children to sit at gather times. This was shared at a Parent Council, and following a vote, the Parent Council made the decision to provide new rugs for all classrooms across the school. We are so grateful to the Parent Council for this and we have a lot of happy learners in school at gather times!


House/Vice Captains

The Senior Leadership Team have met with the House and Vice Captains to revisit their manifestos. An action plan was made and great progress is already being made towards an Art Club, Tech Club, Sports Club, clean toilets and good hygiene. We are so proud of the team for driving forward change in the school.


Talking About Learning

The Senior Leadership Team are meeting groups of learners on a weekly basis to discuss an aspect of school/education at Lorne. We have been using ‘How Good is OUR School?’ as a basis for these discussions. This month we have met with learners that are number 5, 12 and 16 on the class register.


House Coffee Mornings

We have really enjoyed welcoming families to Lorne over four Friday mornings for our House Coffee Mornings. Learners in each House have shared their Learning Folios with their families. The Learning Folios show the progress that each learner has made this school session. There was tea/coffee and biscuits to enjoy too!


Pupil Voice Groups

The 7 Pupil Voice groups continue to meet regularly. The groups are giving the children an opportunity to impact change across the school and school community.


Safer Internet Day

As Safer Internet Day fell on 11th February which was during our February break, we held Safer Internet Day on 4th February at Lorne. All classes explored, at an appropriate level, the importance of being safe online and steps that we can take to ensure our safety.


Neon Disco

The Parent Council (@WeAreLorne) are organising a Neon Disco for Monday 30th March. We look forward to having a great time and raising money for school in the process. Tickets cost £2.50, more information to follow.


Parent Council

The next Parent Council Meeting will be on Monday 16th March at 6.30pm in the Primary 7 classroom. The Parent Council organise school events, support the school with fundraising and explore school improvement with staff. Your help is greatly appreciated.



Please remember that the playground is unsupervised in the morning before school. The teachers will arrive on the playground to collect children at 8.55am.


Parking Outside of School

Please can you ensure that you park safely around school if you are driving to drop off/pick up. Neighbours are reporting double parking and cars being left running. It is important that all learners are safe coming and going from Lorne and we appreciate your support with this.

School Uniform

Having pride in being a Lorne learner is an important part of our school and it is great to see so many of our children in their school uniforms. All children should wear school uniform Monday to Friday. Jumpers, cardigans, fleeces, white polo t-shirts all with the Lorne Primary School badge and house gym t-shirts can all be purchased online at;




Lorne Primary School is on Twitter. We can be found @LorneSchool. On Twitter you can find out about exciting things that are happening in school, we are also trying to ensure that important dates and events are shared too.



We are closely monitoring attendance and lateness and will do this over the session. A reminder that if your child is late to school, please sign them into school at the front entrance.


Parent Pay

A reminder that all meals should be booked via ParentPay. Meals need to be booked by midnight on Wednesday the week before you would like your child to have school meals. Please come to school if you would like further assistance with this.


School Calendar

All term dates and times can be found on this link;