Cake and Words

Starting on Wednesday 22nd January, from 9-10am we are holding our very first session for parents and carers to come and listen to a story and a poem, to share some cake and to chat about what’s being read.  It will take place in the Learning Hub (school library).  It’s time for you to listen, relax and enjoy…

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You may recall that we piloted a similar initiative last year:  on the back of this we managed to secure funding from the Scottish Government’s ‘Schools’ Library Improvement Fund’ to not only run this project, but in response to parent/carer feedback it will be complemented as well by a series of English language classes for those parents and carers who would like to come along.

These English language classes will take place in the Learning Hub (school library) from 10-11am every Wednesday, starting on Wednesday 29th January 2020.


You are welcome to bring along your younger children, if you need to, to either session.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Penny Browning & the Reading for Enjoyment Team

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