Nursery Booklet

Welcome to our Nursery!


We want your child to be happy and make progress with their learning. We aim to ensure that your child develops to their full potential to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors. Our Nursery should be a fun, happy and safe place and we will work in partnership with you to achieve this.


Parents, carers and schools working together can make a huge positive impact on a child’s future life. We look forward to working with you.


Yours sincerely,



Susan Leach

Head Teacher


Our whole school community contributed to our Vision statement and Values.


Our Shared Vision

“Lorne Primary School aims to provide high quality learning and teaching in a safe and nurturing environment, leading to success for all.”


In our Nursery, we aim to create a warm, friendly welcoming environment where everyone feels welcome to share their thoughts and ideas.


Our Shared Values

Lorne Primary School is a diverse and multicultural society where we celebrate our similarities and differences.  We DARE to be Diverse, Achieve, Respect and value Equality.


We celebrate all festivals that are important to our children and their families.

We welcome parents and carers to come in to read stories in their home language

We share bilingual books to read at home and in the nursery setting.


We share achievements through Learning Journals online.

We share achievements on our whole-school Wonder Wall.

We enjoy celebrating and hearing about wider achievements.


We provide equal opportunities to all learners and promote their inclusion.

We support all learners and families to ensure that they are able to learn.

We respect everyone in our school community and value their contributions.


We promote a kind and friendly atmosphere in our Nursery.

We have a welcoming environment and follow our Nursery rules.

Every member of our team models positive behaviour and respects the rights of others.


Staff Members

Teacher: Nikki Tennant

Early Years Practitioners: Pam Collcutt, Abi Parsons
Pupil Support Assistant: Susan Hastings, Natalie Horne
Student Early Years Practitioner: Aminah Saiyidah
Session Times

Your child will attend nursery for either five mornings or five afternoons a week during the school term.

Mornings:                                                                  8.30am to 11.40am (Monday to Friday)

(Drop off time is 8.30 to 8.40am and pick up time is 11:30 – 11:40am)


Afternoons:                                                      11.45am to 3.45pm (Monday to Thursday)

(Drop off time is 11.45 to 11.55am and pick up time is 3.30 – 3.45pm)


Full Time:                                                            8:30am to 3.15pm (Monday to Thursday)
8:30am to 11am (Friday)

(Drop off time is 8.30 to 8:40am and pick up time is 3.00 – 3.15pm)


Settling In
We hope to make the transition process to Nursery as smooth as possible.  We offer an enhanced enrolment, where a member of staff will sit down with you and your child to introduce you to the nursery and to find out what your child enjoys playing.  We can work with you to build up their time over the next few sessions, ensuring your child feels happy and secure.

Arriving at Nursery

·        Use the back gate on Jameson Street

·        Use the buzzer to allow a member of staff to greet you

·        Use the main entrance on Lorne Street if there is no answer

Signing In/Registering

·        Please wait while your child hangs their coat and bag on their labelled peg

·        Sign your child in with a member of staff

·         Let us know if your child needs to receive short term medicine or if another adult will be collecting them


·        Remember to let a member of the Nursery staff team know if your child needs to receive long or short-term medication

·         We will ask you to complete a form allowing us to administer and record medicine for your child



·         Please inform the school by phone on 0131 5542308 by 9am if you child is unwell

·        Children who have had a vomiting or  diarrhoea bug must not return until 48 hours after their last symptom



·         Please ensure your child is dressed suitably for the weather and for messy play

·        Children can access outdoors daily and are permitted to go outside in every type of weather

·        Ensure that your child has a complete change of clothes and a spare plastic bag should there be a toileting accident

·        Please see a member of the Nursery team should you need additional clothing



KIC Annual/Photo Permissions

·         All children complete a KIC Annual form to allow us to go on short trips within the local area

·        We will send out trip information and ask for your consent for all trips

·        The Nursery Team will seek your permission at enrolment to take photographs of learners to share online and on Learning Journals

·        We welcome any parent helpers for trips and love having visitors to the Nursery



·         We value positive relationships with parents and carers and will see you daily to share progress

·        Parent Consultations take place twice per year in October and March

·        An Online Learning Journal will be created for your child to show pictures and evidence of learning

·        Please see a member of the Nursery team should you wish to discuss your child’s learning in confidence


Assessing your Child’s Learning

·         We will assess your child’s learning and development in many ways throughout the year

·         Formative assessment when teachers and children observe, discuss and evaluate how learning has progressed and make targets for next steps in learning.

·         Assessments to check out additional support needs or specific learning difficulties.




·         We aim to provide a healthy, tasty snack for all children

·        Children will access milk or water and have the opportunity to try different fruits and vegetables

·        Our children have created their own 4-week snack rota to reflect their views

·        We ask parents to pay £1.50 a week towards our snack fund

·        Please alert a member of the Nursery staff to any strong food dislikes or any food intolerances/allergies





·        All full time children will have lunch each day

·        Lunch takes place in the school Dining Hall

·        Nursery staff go with the children to have lunch to  support them



Food Advice to Parents

Lorne Primary School is a ‘Health Promoting School’. All schools must abide by the Government’s dietary codes for schools. Poor diet can affect children’s behaviour and concentration at school so we ask that parents follow this advice below.


Sugary drinks: During the course of the day children all have access to milk and water. We ask that children do not bring sugary/ fizzy drinks to nursery.


Sweets: Our nursery snacks consist of fresh fruit, bread, rice etc.  We request that children do not bring sweets to nursery.


Birthday Cakes: Where appropriate, we can make a cake for children’s birthdays



Lorne Nursery is linked to Lorne Primary School and provides pre-school education for 3-5 year olds. We deliver the Scottish curriculum “Curriculum for Excellence” More information about the curriculum can be found at


Standards and Quality Improvement Plan

You can access our ongoing plan of School Improvements at


School Holiday Dates

These appear on each school newsletter and at


School Newsletters

These are published routinely and keep you up to date with what is happening in school, holiday dates and local information. Please let us know if you would prefer the newsletter by email, text or a paper copy by returning the tear-of slip on the newsletter to the school office.

You can see the school newsletters on our website too


Anti-Bullying and Harassment
We have high expectations of behaviour for our learners and adhere to the City of Edinburgh Council policy Promoting Positive Behaviour and Relationships.  Please approach a member of the Nursery Team if you wish to discuss concerns about behaviour.


Equal Opportunities
We always include and promote equal opportunities for all learners within our Nursery.  It is important to us to provide equitable opportunities and access for all.


Making a Complaint

If you have a complaint please speak to the early years practitioner or class teacher. If you feel it is not being dealt with appropriately make an appointment to discuss the matter with Miss English the Depute Head Teacher or Mrs Leach, the Head Teacher.


If you remain dissatisfied, you can make a complaint to the City of Edinburgh Council’s “Make a comment or complaint” service at


Alternatively you can put your request in writing to the

Principal Officer, Advice and Conciliation Service

Children & Families Service

Waverley Court

4 East Market Street




You may wish to contact the Care Inspectorate who regularly inspect all Childcare facilities within Scotland:


Care Inspectorate

South East Region

Stuart House



EH21 7PB


Tel: 0131 653 4100


Policies and statutory information is available on our school website at

 We welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement that you may have.

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