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The next Parent Council meeting is on Monday 26th February at 6.30pm in the school’s library. The Parent Council organise school events, support the school with fundraising and explore school improvement with staff. Your help is greatly appreciated. The Parent Council meetings are child friendly, children can be brought along and watch a movie in the classroom next door. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Us

The Parent Council’s (PC) immediate priority is to secure the support of more parents and carers. The PC wants – and Lorne Primary needs – more parents to be part of its conversation with school management.

You can do this simply by attending its quarterly evening meetings and events held by its fundraising group Friends of Lorne Primary (FOLP). Meetings are opportunities to learn more about what your children are doing, curriculum areas in focus, fundraising priorities, and FOLP event planning.

Refreshments are provided and there is an activity corner (with a little more structure this year!) for pupils who come along, too.

Your support – which could mean as little as one hour of your time – would make a difference.

Remember that there is a PC sign up and feedback book in the office to register your interest.






Please come along! Meet interested parents, find out what your child and school are doing and be a part of their development.